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Director of Operations

04 Авг 2017 | Показана 4113 пъти


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  • Position (Job title):
    Director of Operations
  • Position profile:
    Law,  Manufacturing,  Banking,  insurance,  financial services,  Education,  training,  Accounting,  controlling,  finance,  Trade,  commerce,  Management
  • Responsibilities:
    As Director of Operations, you should control and coordinate the operational activities within the Division of Finance and Administration
    • Supervise the following offices – Security, Transportation, Dining Services, Purchasing, Customs, Mail & Travel, Bookstore
    • Participate in the formulation and execution of the strategic and annual operating plans for the above mentioned offices
    • Be responsible for the delivery of satisfactory financial results, service quality, and efficiency of the units under your supervision
    • Prepare analyses and proposals for optimization of the work in the respective areas
    • Provide guidance in the fostering of a service oriented and professional atmosphere within the areas of responsibility
    • Prepare or coordinate the preparation of managerial reports (variance analyses, performance reports, etc.) as well as governmental and regulatory for the units under your supervision
    • Collect and update data for various customer service, operational and financial indicators
    • Act as liaison with the external legal counsel

  • Experience on a similar position:
    5-10 год.
  • Requirements:
    Qualifications required:
    • Minimum Bachelor degree required, preferably Master’s in one of the areas of responsibility
    • Exceptional leadership skills with minimum 5 years of experience in one or more of the related areas
    • Good understanding of pertinent laws and regulations
    • Motivation to learn and improve the organization of units under your supervision
    • Strong supervisory skills, and commitment to diversity
    • Excellent English and Bulgarian language communication skills both written and verbal
    • Excellent computer skills, creativity and ability to exercise independent initiative and judgment
    If you are a great leader who would like to work, learn and develop in the best academic institution in Bulgaria and the region, please apply with a CV, cover letter and a reference page at: jobs@aubg.edu  till August 31, 2017
  • The offer is valid for the following cities:
  • Job status:
    Пълен работен ден
  • Job type:
  • The company offers:
    Honesty. Trust. Respect. Commitment. Collaboration. Professionalism. These are just some of the values embraced by the enthusiastic students, faculty and staff of the American University in Bulgaria for more than 25 years.  And while the AUBG vibrant community carries the legacy and vitality of more than 40 different countries, nationalities and cultures, it is the sense of mission, belonging and dedication to make a positive change in the world that unite us together.
    Our staff and administration play an essential role in making AUBG a unique place to be. Professionals in a variety of fields ensure the smooth functioning of the institution, enjoying a strong, pleasant and supportive working environment.
    Being an AUBG employee offers you countless opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills and explore the exceptional educational scene in the beautiful town of Blagoevgrad. Our faculty and staff have access to hundreds of cultural, social, political and scientific events supported by prominent international lecturers. The members of our community enjoy free use of our state-of-the-art facilities including a modern fitness center, a cutting-edge theater hall, the biggest English-language library in Southeast Europe and an outdoor sports field.
    You can browse the career opportunities at the American University in Bulgaria and find your place in our unique community.
  • Documents for application:
    Мотивационно писмо

    Others: Reference Page
  • Deadline for application:
  • Company name: American University in Bulgaria

    Industry/business sector: Education, Library

    Additional information: The first American-style, English language, liberal arts educational institution in Eastern Europe, the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is a unique cooperative venture established with the support of the U.S. and Bulgarian governments, the Open Society Institute, and the University of Maine.
    AUBG is a privately funded, not-for-profit institution. Tuition and private donations, as well as grants, finance its educational activities. It opened its doors in September 1991, with a first-year class of 208 students and 16 full-time faculty members.
    Since then, the lively town of Blagoevgrad in southwest Bulgaria has become a cradle of academic excellence, creativity and cultural diversity. Nowadays, around 1100 curious, committed and talented students from over 40 countries come together to live and study in a supportive and secure community and immerse themselves in our first-rate American liberal arts education.
    World-class faculty members come from top schools in five continents to create an innovative and real-world learning environment that’s unique in Europe. Across arts, humanities, business and technology, AUBG students are free to choose their own areas of study and set their own curriculum.
    They develop into inquisitive and compassionate leaders, creative problem solvers and responsible global citizens. Our students have a reputation for success in their careers and in graduate studies, with many going on to the world’s leading schools and employers, and all being valued members of our tight-knit global network of alumni.

    Е-mail: jobs@aubg.edu

    Telephone number: 0882599299

    Contact person: Antonia Dimitrova

    MORE ON THIS COMPANY IN: Форума, Съдържанието на сайта, Capital.bg, Dnevnik.bg

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