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A Data Pro

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 Автор: A Data Pro

Make the most of them at A Data Pro.

A Data Pro is a leading media andbusiness intelligence provider.Established in Bulgaria in 1996,our presence is now internationaland our client base – theindustry’s biggest names globally.
What lies behind our success, bothas a business and as an employer, isour innovative human-artificialintelligence ecosystem. We investin giving our people the skills ofthe future and cultivate the digitalhabitat where they can best applythem.
Our analysts, researchers and techexperts cover the full spectrumof information services – fromcollecting data and information allthe way up to advising businesseson how to use it to make informed decisions. This vast scope of work,combined with a creative andsociable environment packed fullof driven people, makes us theperfect placeto unleash your full potential.
We’re after intellectually curiouspeople, for whom languages aresecond nature, who tackleproblems creatively, and have theanalytical mind to make sense ofthe billions of bytes of informationout there.
In exchange, our award-winningtrainers will help you further honethese skills in a diverse andinternational community, wherethe people are as interesting asthe projects they work on.

Want to join us?

You’re curious, have analytical thinking and are proficient in English and another foreign language? You want to develop future-smart skills and kick-start your Digital Age career? Then A Data Pro is the place for you. We’ll help you master your existing skills, develop new ones, and constantly reveal new horizons where you can apply them.

Send us your CV and a short cover letter jobs@aiidatapro.com
More information about our positions at careers.aiidatapro.com

See what our people have to say about life on the job.

Redjina Stoitcheva
Senior Social Media Analyst
1 year at A Data Pro

What do you do?
I’m part of a big team that sifts out the most comprehensive and useful information from social media about the way people feel about our clients’ products and services. My role is to coordinate, proofread and edit what the Junior Analysts do.

What is the most interesting thing in your job?
It’s dynamic. Social media is fascinating and sometimes great fun, my team and I often laugh together. My team is as much fun as it’s productive – we’re like a well-oiled machine that
constantly delivers high quality. We’re proud of the end result.

What does the job give you and how is it useful to you?
I learnes how differentwe all are and to appreciate thesedifferences. I also learned to not give in to pressure and to be responsible, and that smooth teamwork is extremely important. My team and I help each other constantly.

How do you spend your day?
My workplace is flexible – I mostly work from home. I start out with one of our daily reports and then check on my other daily tasks – projects, meetings, etc. There’s always time for a laugh though, mostly work-related – that’s brilliant, I think.

Boyan Ivanovich
Media Analyst
3 years at A Data Pro

What do you do?
My job includes surveying and analysing consumer opinion, media reactions and the overall reaction to a given topic. The process starts with an in-depth assessment of the problem, we then review online comments and articles, and come up with really precise insights, based on which we give clients tailored advice on how to conduct their online communication.

What is the most interesting thing in your job?
Social media and observing how publics respond to issues important to them. Social media is like a mirror – you look into it and see who you really are and what impacts your image. People love talking, whether in a positive or negative manner. Because of this, our clients do whatever they can to receive feedback from their existing and potential customers and understand what’s being said about them. The fact that I can give them a solution to this is what makes my job so interesting and motivating.

What does the job give you and how is it useful to you?
I learned to be patient, not jump to conclusions, and to evaluate a situation thoroughly before advising clients.

How do you spend your day?

If I said there’s routine in our work, that would be a lie. The key word that represents my job is "dynamic". This is one of the main reasons I love it – no day is the same and every new project is different than the last.

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