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 Фотограф: DevriX

About DevriX


 Фотограф: DevriX

is a professional WordPress development agency specializing in technical and growth retainers for SMEs and fast-paced startups. We are proficient in various programming languages, integrating numerous third-party software and building functionality on top of WordPress. We chose WordPress as the leading CMS powering over 30% of the web, solving pressing performance, scalability, stability, and security challenges for successful organizations eager to reach the next step of their technical development.
Our team of 35+ and growing utilizes extensive expertise in working with enterprises and high-scale magazines and portals. We've built and grown numerous platforms up to 900,000,000 monthly page views, containing hundreds of thousands of data entries, along with multisite networks for education and marketing brands, handling thousands of subsites.
DevriX is a HubSpot agency partner. The technical team at DevriX works closely with our marketing and sales experts as a part of our ongoing retainer plans. We care about automating processes and also maintain our own proprietary monitoring platform as a part of our tech stack. This, combined with the rest of our toolset, lets us move faster, deliver more, and grow reliably year after year.

Some of Our Projects:

- Two parallel Multisite networks for an escape room franchising business partnering up with BBC, spread across 80 cities with a custom booking engine.
- A bleeding edge fintech and digital government media incorporating AI solutions and big data throughout an omni-channel approach, via RESTful APIs and a complex editing workflow.
- A complex event planning platform, utilizing tons of third-party integrations and dynamic functionalities.

Our Tech Stack:
Back-end: PHP, MySQL, WP CLI, AWS and more.
Front-end: ES6, Sass, Vue.js, Gulp and more.

Some of Our Job perks:

- Flexible working hours
- Breakfast a few times a week
- Office massages
- Multisport cards
- A modern and fun, dog-friendly office, located close to Paradise Center

Open positions:

A part of our team works remotely, located on 4 continents. The rest have fun in our office in Sofia, taking advantage of our flexible work hours. We are one of the fastest growing Web Development companies in Bulgaria, securing new ongoing projects and clients every month.

Check our job offers and join us to work on interesting international projects.

JavaScript Developers
Join our squad to fight unoptimized websites, integrate advertising engines, build applications and boost performance.

PHP Developers
Enter the WordPress world and join the team, working on keeping websites sanitized, building custom libraries and plugins and taking care of security breaches.

QA Engineers
Wanna break something or build an automation testing tool? Come to join us and give it a try. We dare you!

Project Managers
Convey requirements and make sure they’re implemented, together with the Project Owner, working with each client. You will be working with one of the most fun teams in the dev arena, and we hope they’ll love you, too.

Digital Marketing Experts
Are you a conversion freak, SEO maniac, PR and events planner or get your thrill from social media advertising? Apply and join our squad.

Content Writers
Do you like writing and have experience in development, and entrepreneurship? We have a job for you.


 Фотограф: DevriX

Our Internship Programs:

Our team is comprised of the best experts in their respective fields and they are open to teaching you what they know. We announce annual internship programs in the fields of web development and marketing.

Apply at: https://devrix.com/jobs-and-internships/


 Фотограф: DevriX

What makes DevriX successful?

Martin Mitrev, QA Engineer
"Doing our best to work as a team, and have fun doing it."

Stanko Metodiev, CTO
"I'd say keeping a good communication between teams, making sure we are right on track with the ongoing projects. Relying on each other and working as a team."

Nikolay Hristov, VP of Engineering
"We all try to grow everyday, learn and share knowledge, which is very important and I’m glad to be a part of such a team!"

Bojidar Valchovski, Back-end Developer
"Teamwork, coordination, dedication and motivation, I believe."

Mario Peshev, CEO
"The tech team can solve virtually every tech problem while the marketing folks have helped us rank and position ourselves extremely well. Everyone else has contributed one way or another to the bigger picture."

Jovo Kolev, QA Engineer
"That we understand our clients’ business needs and offer the best possible solutions."

Adelina Vassileva, HR
"Helping each other, having fun at work and managing to finish work on time."

Yanka Darelova, Graphic Designer
"Teamwork, always finding a way to solve hard issues and closing tasks, motivation, learning, inspiration."

Martin Tolovski, Content Writer
"Excellent teamwork, communicative people that are experts in their field and plan and revise the work and tasks. Having people that focus on the tasks and commit to get them done. This directly results in satisfied clients and company recognition."

Контакти на компанията:
Website: www.devrix.com
Адрес: София, бул. Черни Връх 73А
Email: contact@devrix.com

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