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Codix Bulgaria EAD

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 Автор: Codix

Who we are
CODIX is the software company that has developed iMX, a unique software solution providing businesses with an event-driven system for the management of activities such as Factoring, Trade and Corporate Finance, Debt Collection and Legal, Accounts Receivable, Consumer Finance, Leasing, Credit Insurance, Telecom companies, etc.
iMX is an innovative software solution which enables all the business processes of our Clients to be managed within a single technical structure that can easily be parameterized to meet their specific needs.
Ever since its foundation CODIX has attracted the interest of the biggest enterprises in Europe and abroad due to the efficiency, scalability, robustness and openness of our solutions. These qualities have convinced large corporate groups, leaders in their respective lines of business, to adopt our technology.
CODIX actively promotes brand awareness in its target audience. We sponsor about 40 international events, regularly participate in high visibility conferences, and publish in specialized media.
CODIX is member of IFG, ACA, ABFA (International industry representatives) and the company is certified ISO 9001:2015.

I've graduated Computer Sciences from Sofia University. Shortly before that, me and my twin sister were given the chance to start working in CODIX Bulgaria as junior software developers. My team leader should have assumed that two sisters who had followed the same studies would have been a rare asset for the team and it would not be immodest to say that his decision has proved right!

I have chosen this educational profile because my elder brother had already been working as a developer and my interest in his work made me decide to follow his example. There have been four years now while I still learn new things, acquire various expertise, train the newcomers and hopefully give the best I can.

Young people like myself, freshly graduated, are given the opportunity by CODIX to make progress, extend their knowledge and grow professional confidence. There are plenty of trainings meant to make the employees familiar with the technologies used by the company, the different processes and businesses such as Factoring, Debt Collection, Leasing, etc. In my opinion, the work here is highly intensive, very interesting and challenging.

I like the spirit of integrity in my team. My team leader has a very good approach in terms of training the new people. He invests much of his time and efforts in the face-in process because he realizes how valuable this would be afterwards when everybody is efficient in his work and feels well at his place as part of the team. In addition, we have trainings within the department, so we can profit from the exchange of experience and know-how among us.

Apart from the versatile daily tasks you receive in CODIX, you can meet people with rich background who are always there for you to offer help or advice. Last but not least, you can make good friends, the same like I did!

I find CODIX an inspiring stage for both personal and professional performance!

How to apply
If you wish to explore your opportunities at Codix, please send your CV and cover letter to hr@codix.eu or visit our web site www.codix.eu

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