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 Автор: CXG


CXG is a fast-growing EU-based BPO provider with a proven track record in industries including: Electronic Invoicing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, IT and Data Services.
We are proud to say that CXG is not yet another company for outsourcing services in Bulgaria. We believe that more than 8 years ago we found the golden mean and managed to combine the best of 2 business worlds – outsourcing and standard offshoring. We believe we bring the best of both worlds and help our clients optimize costs and streamline their process. Our company provides the facilities and the equipment, we recruit the professionals needed in compliance with the local employment law and take full responsibility for administration and legal issues like HR, compensation and benefits, social security and termination, all the while providing our partners with complete control over their staff and business processes.
Since 2009, our multidisciplinary team grew from a mere of 25 to more than 160 full time staff, currently working in more than 20 languages and servicing clients in 35 locations all over the world. The diversity of what we do and the career opportunities we offer have appealed to young and ambitious individuals from all walks of life, different countries and educational backgrounds.


CXG strongly believes that there are many knowledgeable and capable young people in Bulgaria, many good specialists that deserve competitive opportunities and favorable working conditions for career development in the country. Therefore we highly appreciate our employees and we aim to achieve maximum results in a propitious and friendly environment.
Being a part of a multi-lingual and multi-cultural team contributes to the personal and professional development of our employees. It's an enriching experience to be around and interact with people that not only speak different languages but have a different background, experience and mindset.
We are always looking for new talents. Fresh graduates and seasoned professionals alike are always welcome to share our commitment to excellence and desire to grow.


Are you bright and motivated?
Are you passionate about customer service and foreign languages?
Do you have background and / or interests in finance, IT, research?
If yes, then APPLY NOW!

In return we can offer you:

  • a competitive salary
  • stimulating bonuses
  • further foreign language training
  • a friendly team of young professionals
  • a real career opportunity
  • professional training
You can keep track on our open positions on https://cx-g.com/ or send us your CV directly at recruitment@cx-g.com.

Assia Pavlova, Client Service Director at CXG, has been with the company since its creation and is still enthusiastic when discussing the strong points of CXG's hybrid BPO model, the selection process and the impact that a job at a company like that can have on the lives of young, qualified Bulgarians seeking well-paid, perspective jobs in their own country. "Working in an international environment all my carrier taught me what I want to see from my employer, and, respectively, what I should offer to my employees," says she.

What is special in the integrated solutions that CXG offers?
In most cases, you can say one BPO company from another mainly by the size. They all offer similar services, have similar geographical location and use similar approaches. CXG is not yet another company for outsourcing services in Bulgaria. We offer non-standard outsourcing services that combine the best of the outsourcing model and the standard business model. This is CXG. Our flexible, quickly growing and increasingly personalising method has proven its efficiency in minimising costs and risks for our partners. We provide them with the actual opportunity to manage their business, as we allow them to select the best people for each department of each team engaged in their projects. This is not common for a typical outsourcing company.
CXG's integrated solution means that our staff are trained, managed, evaluated, developed and often selected directly by representatives of our partner company, who can appoint their own managers at key positions located in our offices. Together, we create the best team for each assignment
CXG's employees also benefit from this co-operation, as they can work in an international environment with proven specialists, to study from the experience and to use it to their own advantage. Some of our employees that started with us, eight years ago, at the lowest positions at the company, are currently managing their own teams on behalf of our partner. For us, their progress is a sing that we have achieved our goals – we have found quality people and have helped them develop.

How do we select our employees?
Our leading criteria is our applicants to be motivated, to have desire for development, positive attitude towards the work and the colleagues, and to strive to acquire new skills in a friendly working atmosphere. We are searching for open-minded, energetic and motivated team players with a passion for customer service.For us at CXG, it is important to give fair chance to all our applicants. Our requirements include logical thinking and speaking at least two foreign languages, English being one of them. If an applicant lacks previous experience, we offer training.
However, CXG has positions where experience in a particular field or in particular technologies is needed. In these cases we rely on proven specialists.
CXG also offers temporary employment suitable for applicants who are looking for flexibility and want to avoid the bound of fixed working days or hours. The position is suitable for people from all walks of life, especially for students with or without previous experience. Temporary projects give us the opportunity to meet a lot young graduates from school, who want to spend their summer working at CXG. Instead of going on a work and travel trip to the US, they decide to practice their languages here while learning some soft skills in dealing with customers and getting used to corporate environment, which is a big gain for anyone who pursues a career in the field. Thus, with starting temporarily with CXG, many young and inexperienced people take the first steps of their professional development and many have afterwards moved as full-time employees with already formed working habits and experience.
We, in CXG, strongly believe that Bulgaria is blessed with many educated and skilful young people, good specialists who deserve more competitive opportunities and better work environment to continue their professional development in the country. When we create the right working conditions for such young people and give them good reason to stay in Bulgaria and progress here, it makes everything we do here worthwhile and our mission is successful!

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