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17 Май 2018 | Показана 1898 пъти


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  • Position (Job title):
  • Position profile:
  • Responsibilities:
    Consultant to support UNICEF program interventions relating to early childhood development and early intervention for children at risk of development difficulties and disabilities
    Start date of consultancy: 15 June 2018.
    End date consultancy: 31 December 2018.

    Deadline for applications is: 01 June 2018.

    Working days: Up to 130 days
    Reporting to: Vera Rangelova, ECD Officer

    ECD is one of the key focus areas of engagement of UNICEF in Bulgaria. Support for early childhood development was an integral part of the UNICEF Country Program in Bulgaria during the period 2013 – 2017 and is a key component of the new partnership framework for the period 2018 – 2022, approved by the UNICEF Executive Board in September 2017. The efforts over the next years will focus on consolidating the national policy framework relating to ECD with a view of ensuring that all young children, particularly the most disadvantaged, receive support for developing to their full potential in the family, in institutional settings (kindergarten, nurseries), as well as in the community. Special attention will be devoted to strengthening the health system as a platform for delivery of support for development of children from birth to 3 years of age.

    Over the next years, UNICEF in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and relevant national partners will work for improving early detection of developmental difficulties in the primary health system, referral and intervention to ensure timely and adequate support for development, including through cooperation with social and education services. To this end, interventions in the following main areas are envisaged: 1) research on the situation of children with disabilities and developmental delays, as well as on the capacity of the health, education, social and child protection services to address in a coordinated manner the needs of children with developmental difficulties; 2) testing and evaluation of a screening tool for application by primary health care providers and other ECD professionals (staff in nurseries, early intervention services, other services), 3) communication activities to promote positive attitudes toward children with disabilities, 4) development of a program for support of parents/caregivers of children with disabilities, 5) advocacy for removing legal and institutional barriers for participation of children with disabilities and developmental difficulties.

    In addition, building on the work carried out during the previous program, support for inclusive early education, as well as for ensuring sustainable opportunities for provision of parenting education and support for caregivers of children below 3 years of age will also continue.

    Source: Agency for Social Assistance., 2016. 368 children below 3 years of age are places in specialized institutions (infant homes, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health, 31st Dec, 2017.

    National Statistical Institute, 2015.
  • Requirements:
    Objective of the assignment

    The main objective of the Consultant is to support UNICEF’s program interventions on early childhood development. In particular, under the guidance and supervision of the UNICEF ECD Officer and in partnership with relevant Ministries (the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy) local authorities, child protection and educational authorities and institutions, primary health care providers and academic institutions, the Consultant, will support the Office’s work with regard to the following:
    - Strengthening the capacity of the national ECD system to provide parenting education and support;
    - Evidence generation to inform advocacy and interventions for early identification and support for children with disabilities/developmental difficulties;
    - Strengthening awareness on ECD among caregivers and the general public, including Support UNICEF building awareness and in planning and delivery of targeted interventions for to address negative attitudes – public and attitudes of service providers, toward children with disabilities.

    Specific objectives of the assignment
    The Consultant will be expected to carry out the following tasks:

    Strengthening the capacity of the national ECD system to provide parenting education and support:
      1. Map out existing organizations of parents/caregivers of children with disabilities and the type of informal/formal support they provide to support ECD and parenting.
      2. Draft a concept note on how UNIICEF can strategically engage with organisations of parents of children with disabilities/developmental to improve advocacy, support for ECD and parenting of children with disabilities and communication for reducing negative stereotypes and public attitudes. The concept note should include specific activities/areas of cooperation.
      3. Support UNICEF office in testing a program for support of parents of children with disabilities/developmental difficulties: identify existing services where the program can be integrated as part of the services provided to children with disabilities or their parents (based also on the results of act. 6), organise the testing, including training of professionals to deliver the program; follow up on program implementation and based on the results propose amendments in the program.
      4. Support UNICEF in the expansion of the parenting support program ‘Let’s grow up together! Workshops for parents”: raise awareness on the program among potential partners (municipalities and other suitable service providers), identify new partners for program implementation, liaise to ensure quality implementation of the program, prepare short progress reports.
      5. Support and coordinate a series of seminars for parents (1/2 days) in selected places (identified together with UNICEF) for building caregivers’ capacities for responsive caregiving: provide logistical support, draft and coordinate the program with the experts, organise dissemination of information with a view of recruiting parents for participation, prepare short reports, including for supporting UNICEF communication on the issue.

    Evidence generation:
      1. Map out existing ECD services (including early intervention services) provided by municipalities through the application of an online tool: review the structure of the online tool for collecting information on available ECD services, developed by UNICEF and propose changes if needed; organize the collection of data through local authorities/other relevant institutions; summarize the data received and prepare short report with information about the type of available services, type of support provided, target groups, access requirements, responsible organizations, funding, staff, other as agreed by UNICEF.
      2. Identify health services/providers that can introduce early screening for children at risk of developmental difficulties/disabilities aged 0-3 years thought desk review and interview with key informants. To this end: develop a short semi-structures questionnaire for collecting information from key informants, identify informants and interview them, prepare a short report with a summary of the results, suggesting possible entry points for introducing regular screening, as well as other partners to be involved in the process.
      3. Provide technical assistance and input for the design and implementation of a situational analysis of children with disabilities/developmental difficulties (focus on children 0-6 years of age).
      4. Assists UNICEF in organising meetings/discussions with different partners related to early intervention.
    Other general:

      1. Support UNICEF’s public awareness and advocacy activities aiming to promote greater awareness on ECD and support for children with disabilities/developmental difficulties. .
      2. Take part in relevant meetings, workshops, seminars as needed;
      3. Others as agreed with UNICEF office.
    Timeframe and duration of the assignment
    It is expected that the assignment will take place in the period 20h of May 2018 – 31st of December 2018.

    Required education, experience and competencies 
    The successful candidate is expected to have the following competencies:

    • Master’s degree or higher in one or more of the following areas: special pedagogy, child psychology, medicine or other relevant field.
    • Expertise in early childhood development and assessment of child development.
    • Excellent understanding of the national policy framework and institutional arrangements relating to early childhood development and ECD services.
    • Expertise in early intervention is a strong advantage.
    • Experience in project management;
    • Ability to work under pressure; good negotiation, communication and presentation skills. Pro-activity and strong orientation towards results;
    • Ability to work independently;
    • Ability to manage partnerships across diversity of stakeholders;
    • Respect for cultural diversity and human rights;
    • Fluency of English language will be an advantage.
    Expected deliverables
    The deliverables, specified under each task. The timetable of implementation of the activities will be agreed with UNICEF after the signature of the contract.

    Remuneration and incurred costs:
    The consultant will receive a daily fee in accordance with the submitted and agreed with UNICEF financial offer. Payments will be made based on written certification of timely and satisfactorily provision of consultancy services provided every month and a timesheet.

    The Consultancy involves travel in the country. Travel costs will be covered separately as per the submitted financial offer.

    Monitoring and evaluation
    The selected consultant will work under the direct supervision of the UNICEF ECD Officer.

    Unsatisfactory performance The performance of the consultant will be evaluated against the following criteria:

    • Quality of implementation of the assigned tasks;

    • Compliance with the established timelines;

    • Demonstration of good cooperation with UNICEF team and partners.

    In case of unsatisfactory performance the contract will be terminated by notification letter sent 10 days prior to the termination date.
  • The offer is valid for the following cities:
  • Job status:
    Непълен работен ден
  • Job type:
    Временна/Граждански договор/Проект
  • Documents for application:
    Мотивационно писмо

  • Preferred way of receiving the applicants' documents
    Deadline for applications is: 01 June 2018.

    The Terms of Reference provides detailed description of the tasks, responsibilities and required competencies of the Consultant.

    Interested candidates are invited to submit a detailed CV and a Cover Letter in English, indicating their consultancy fee per day in Bulgarian leva to: bgrecruitment@unicef.org with a subject line: UNICEF’s program interventions on ECD.
  • Deadline for application:
  • Company name: UNICEF Bulgaria

    Industry/business sector: NGOs

    Additional information:

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