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Cryptodesk Trader

13 Авг 2019 | Показана 72 пъти


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  • Позиция:
    Cryptodesk Trader
  • Задължения и изисквания към кандидатите:
    We are looking to hire a professional to join the growing team as a Cryptodesk Trader

    Key Responsibilities
    • Execute cryptoasset trades electronically and manually
    • Develop, manage, and execute complex trading strategies
    • Assist in managing and optimizing the risk of the cryptoasset portfolio
    • Identify and capture current opportunities
    • Assist with features design for cryptocurrencies and digital assets trading
    • Identify and automate the recognition of market opportunities both independently and through external mechanisms
    • Analyse and manage digital asset portfolio positions
    • Making real time and split-second market and strategy decisions
    • Managing multiple trade execution and price management strategies across multiple exchanges
    • Improve access, liquidity execution and availability, and access to volume
    • Apply knowledge and understanding for digital exchange rules, regulation, and execution
    • Assist with management of OTC trading flow from new and existing counterparties
    • Perform ad-hoc research and financial analysis
    • Prepare dashboards, report about trading activities and best execution to the Management.
    • Understanding of how the securities and derivatives markets trade.
    • Actively trade in the cryptocurrency markets
    • Arbitrage exchange and currency pairs to maximize returns
    • Make markets on various exchanges
    • Verifying that all trades have been confirmed successfully
    • Accurately record and maintain records of coin ownership
    • Actively follow crypto markets with an eye to generating trading opportunity ideas
    • Quantitatively assess markets, hypothesize new trading signals and empirically test with data
    • Design, implement and monitor automated trading strategies
    • Investigate and improve existing trade execution and general strategy performance

    • The ideal candidate will have a strong background and extensive experience in direct trading and exchange participation.
    • Must have direct experience in trade execution and management connected to multiple exchanges
    • Must have detailed experience in manual and automated exchange participation
    • Ability to make fast and accurate investment decisions based on price information, news, and charts
    • Strong analytical skills to be able to read market data and consider alternative positions
    • Highly self-motivated, hardworking, and goal driven team player
    • Must be comfortable with ambiguity and rapidly changing environments
    • Experience with trade strategy, implementation, and refinement is a must.
    • Strong communication, development execution, and creativity are all necessary skills.
    • Experience in crypto trading and extensive knowledge of the crypto space is a must.
    • Decisiveness with the ability to process complicated information quickly and accurately under pressure
    • Strong math aptitude, numerical and quantitative analysis skills
    • Avid problem-solver that looks to implement creative solutions in an ever-changing market
    • Ability to analyse price charts and an understanding of lagging and leading indicators

    • Entrepreneurial in spirit with outstanding strategic and conceptual thinking skills
    • Passion for monitoring developments in the economy, politics, company news, analyst reports, and market information
    • 3-5 years relevant working experience with trading
    • A passion for cryptoassets and the role they play in global markets
    • Bachelor or master degree in economics, finance or business administration, Fluent in English & other languages is a plus
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  • Тип заетост:
    Постоянна заетост
  • Работно време:
    Пълен работен ден
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